An image of sailor and his small boat against the tide with cargo going overboard.

Don't Rock the Boat

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Project Description

It's 1867, Canada. You're but a humble voyageur trying to eek out a living by ferrying your barrels of goods down the St. Lawrence. Profit is not always guaranteed and the trips are dangerous. At any moment, your dreams and livelihood (and your life!) may be dashed against the rocks... literally. You can play it safe or load up your boat with as many barrels as you can, but just remember: DON'T ROCK THE BOAT!

Made for Ludum Dare 40, "The more you have, the worse it is"

Can be downloaded at

Game play footage


  • Keke Zhou
  • Urim Park
  • William Yates

Exhibitions & Awards

  • 2017: Ludam Dare 40 Game Jam: "The more you have, the worse it is"

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Designed & Built by Lalaine Ulit-Destajo