Don't Rock the Boat

Arcade Boat Video Game

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Roles & Contributions

  • DeveloperPrimary Game Loop & Asset Intergration


  • Unity3DGame Engine

Project Description

In this desktop arcade game, it is the year 1867 in Canada. You play as a humble voyageur trying to make a living by ferrying barrels of goods down the St. Lawrence. Profit is not always guaranteed, and the trips are dangerous. At any moment, your dreams, livelihood, and even your life may be dashed against the rocks. You can choose to play it safe or load up your boat with as many barrels as possible, but remember: DON'T ROCK THE BOAT!

This game was made for Ludum Dare 40, with the theme "The more you have, the worse it is".

It can be downloaded at

Gameplay footage of Don't Rock the Boat.
Game play footage

Project Breakdown

As the primary programmer for this game, I was responsible for developing the main game loop. The game loop tests the player's ability to steer the ship and dodge obstacles as they sail down the St. Lawrence River. One of the challenges was incorporating the theme, "The more you have, the worse it is." In this game, players can purchase more items in town. The more items they have on board, the higher their score will be if they successfully deliver them to the next town. However, there is a catch. Loading up the boat will make it more prone to tipping, making it more difficult to steer.

As this game was created for a game jam, it was an excellent test of time management and quick problem-solving. In fact, due to time constraints, I had to make several trade-offs in terms of features and polish, but I was still proud of the final result and the experience I gained from the project.



  • 2017: Ludam Dare 40 Game Jam: "The more you have, the worse it is"

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Designed & Built by Lalaine Ulit-Destajo

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