Exploring depression through humor, animation, and games

Project Description

Screenshot of the game on a mobile phone.

WittleĀ presents both real and raw anecdotes from comedians who suffer from depression. Their stories are transformed into short animated stories and casual games that can be played for free on any device without downloading.

The project aims to raise awareness of how depression affects those who suffer from it. Depression is a severe and complex condition, so Wittle presents these experiences in games and animations that put the viewer in the comedians' heads to make them relatable to anyone.

The project is currently in development, produced by Embreate and Plai Factory in collaboration with CAMH and with support from the Telus Fund.

Project Breakdown

The production process starts with the comedians. They share their experiences with depression, which we use as raw material to create a short story for an animation and micro game. Our team then analyzes the story, brainstorms ideas, and develops a script and game mechanics. As the creative technologist at Embreate, part of my job is to assess the technical requirements and feasibility of the game. The game and animation teams work closely to ensure that the game mechanics and visuals match the story's tone and style.

In addition to the technical aspect, we also pay close attention to the game's narrative and how it reflects the comedian's story. We strive to create an immersive experience that resonates with players and viewers and raises awareness about mental health issues. As a result, we researched topics related to depression, such as common symptoms and stigma. This research informs our story and game design, ensuring the game and animation are entertaining and educative.

Our production process is a collaborative effort involving various teams and disciplines. We believe that by sharing these intimate stories and experiences, we can entertain, inspire, and enlighten.

Designed & Built by Lalaine Ulit-Destajo