Future Now

Animated Sci-fi Web-Series

    Project Description

    Future Now is an expansive sci-fi world exploring our collective future. It’s the year 2084 and our world has been evolving at rapid speeds. New superpowers have risen, AI is everywhere, we’ve colonized the solar system, and we now have a fully immersive internet. The series centers around five factions battling for control over humanity while facing a confluence of destructive events known as the Unravelling. Each episode focuses on a person, place, or thing that is most impacting the state of the universe while exploring whose vision of the future will come to fruition.

    Future Now is produced by Embrerate in Toronto, Canada, and made possible with the support of Ontario Creates


    • Lalaine Ulit-Destajo

    Designed & Built by Lalaine Ulit-Destajo